class'Awe', host='', port=8080, websocket_port=9000, width=None, style=None, export_fn=None, offline=False, serializers=None)[source]
  • title – Page title.
  • host – Webserver/Websocket host.
  • port – Webserver port.
  • websocket_port – Websocket port.
  • width – Set the page content width. (defaults to 1200px)
  • style – Set custom javascript style object.
  • export_fn – Override default export function.
  • offline – Offline mode means start/block don’t do anything. Useful when exporting directly from python.
  • serializers – Custom serializers for custom element implementations.
start(block=False, open_browser=True, develop=False)[source]

Start the page services.

  • block – Should the method invocation block. (default: False)
  • open_browser – Should a new tab be opened in a browser pointing to the started page. (default: True)
  • develop – During development, changes to port for open browser to 3000. (due to npm start, default False)

Export current page state into a static html.

Parameters:export_fn – Override the export_fn supplied during page creation. (if any)
Returns:The exporter result.

Utility method to block after page has been started.